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Infospan Pakistan

Infospan Pakistan leverages a workforce with high education levels – the country is home to 55 technology schools with 75,000 graduates in 2004.

Employees of InfoSpan are very familiar with Western cultures and are technology savvy with English as their primary language. InfoSpan Pakistan also enjoys a low attrition rate of employees in Pakistan as compared to India and Philippines.

The country’s strong economy is home to 1300 domestic and 55 foreign IT companies.

Pakistan Overview & Statistics

  • Global call routing
  • Global time zone coverage
  • Measurable cost/benefit management options
  • A seamless, global technology infrastructure
  • A broad range of customer contact center services
  • Depth of experience in multi-center and multi-geography operations and solution design
  • Pakistan is strategically located to serve North American based clients
  • Population of 160 MM consists of a large educated workforce with excellent English Language skills. English is the official language of Pakistan.
  • Availability of many highly qualified technical graduates from the numerous Colleges and Universities in Pakistan.
  • Large pool of available employees include European and U.S. educated individuals who have returned back to Pakistan after completing their education and obtaining some practical work experience.
  • A very low attrition of employees in Pakistan, as opposed to a typical annual employee turnover rate of 35 to 40 % in neighboring India.
  • Fewer holidays allows to easily service clients on 24/7 basis.
  • Pakistan is very familiar with Western culture, values and customs allowing employees to easily relate to its North American customer base.

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