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InfoSpan Executives have more than 75 Years of combined experience in "World Class" technology center environments, financial services and BPO businesses.

Farooq Bajwa – Chairman
Farooq Bajwa has nearly 25 years of experience in the technology including a15-year tenure as CEO of Computer & Technology Group. Throughout his career he has held senior executive positions with NCR, Burroughs, Honeywell and Digital Equipment.

Larry Scudder – Senior Vice President, Operations
Larry Scudder has 26 years of experience in the global telecommunications and call center industries. During his career he has served as CEO of Japan’s Mediatti Communications and CEO of United Global Communications in Saudi Arabia.

Juhani Eistrat (Vice President, SMT Direct)
Juhani has 20 plus years of international direct marketing experience gained in Europe and North America, including extensive consumer and business-to-business marketing experience in the technology and telecommunications sectors.

In London, New York, Toronto and Seattle, he has led teams on some of the best-known brands in the world including IBM, Sprint and Microsoft. He worked at FCB Direct in both Toronto and New York, where his clients included IBM and Lucent Technologies. In Canada he is known for having launched a hugely successful national campaign for Cantel Cellular (now Rogers).

Faiz A. Faizi (Director HR / Training)

Faizi has been with SMT Direct since 2007 and has been part of a number of client successes during this time. He oversees the critical people function of our business and has been a key factor in successful campaigns for Rogers, Direct Energy and HBC.

He has 17 plus years of international experience gained in Pakistan, UK and the US across the pharmaceutical, textile, automotive, telecom and food packaging sectors. He helped to establish Tetra Pak operations in Pakistan and was PR manager at Highnoon Group working with a number of well known international brands in Pakistan including Solvay and Duphar.

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